walk by faith…

Day 77…

I don’t really know where to begin.  This has been the most emotional 4 days of my life!

Friday was the egg retrieval day. Basically, it was just as it sounds.  I was put under a general anesthesia and the eggs they had stimulated were removed. Unfortunately, they were only able to retrieve 3, which I understand that to be a fairly low number.  I was pretty upset about the outcome, but tried to remain calm and confident knowing how many people are praying for us and this baby (including my doctor, who literally prayed over me before the procedure! So awesome!!!!)!  After the procedure I pretty much laid on the couch and watched movies all day with my wonderful husband.

Saturday morning I got a call from the embryology lab. They were reporting that only one of my eggs was actually fertilizing correctly.  She told me they would continue to monitor the remaining two eggs over the weekend and let me know the results on Monday morning.  She didn’t sound too positive or sure that they would be successful.  Needless to say, I spent most of Saturday crying and trying to stay reassured about the one egg with do have.

Sunday morning around 4 am I woke up with excruciating left pelvic pain.  The best way I can describe the pain was that it felt eerily close to the pain of a ruptured ovarian cyst.  Bobby contacted the on call nurse and set up an appointment for later that morning.  Once at the doctors office, we sat for what seemed like FOREVER!  They ran some more blood work and a urinalysis and performed another ultrasound. The technician identified the pain as cysts and mentioned that worse case scenario we would need to postpone the transfer.  I was heartbroken!  A while later we met with Dr. Allman (another physician in the ART Fertility Program) and he seemed to think all was ok and that we were still on course for the transfer.  He described the “cysts” as normal blisters that can occur after the retrieval.  He recommended we go home, relax and start watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

That brings us to today… A little after lunch, I received the call from the embryologist office that the one egg has become an “embryo” and they will move forward with the transfer on Wednesday! She did not mention the other 2 eggs, which I will assume means they did not develop. But, we still have the one and it seems to be doing well.

Now we just need prayers that the embryo continues to grow and that the transfer goes well on Wednesday.

Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for the one egg that you have blessed us with. While it’s easy to focus on the negative and how the odds seem to be stacked against us, may we instead rejoice about the one egg you have blessed us with.  Lord, may that embryo continue to grow and implant successfully on Wednesday.  God, I ask that that “one” egg becomes all it needs to be and grows into a healthy baby for our family.  As we continue to journey along this emotional roller coaster, Lord, I ask that you bless us with calm nerves, faith that can move mountains and trust in your plan. I ask these things in Jesus name. Amen.

Today’s scripture… 2 Corinthians 5:7

2 corinthians 5.7

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