plans for a future…

Day 73….

Houston…we have a trigger! (And fair warning, this will be a lengthy post).

Sorry for the late post, but this has been one of the busiest weeks of our life. (It’s just like Satan to do his dirty work on important weeks.)

Last Thursday we found out J had strep throat was out of school for 2 days.  Tuesday, MG begin telling us she felt sick. I took her to the local doc in the box Tuesday afternoon and her strep culture came back negative. Yay!  Wednesday morning she woke us up with a 90 year old smokers voice.  Bobby took her in to the pediatrician and we found out she has croup.  And….to top that off, on the way in to work yesterday I had a sweet lady in traffic stop me to inform me that I had a flat tire.  Whew! So, between two sick kiddos, a final football game for J, a flat tire and two busy weeks at work, I’m just now getting to the blog. My apologies.

Last time we left off, I had just gone in for my STIM Day 5 visit and was scheduled for another visit on Monday (10/23/17), STIM Day 9.

Day 70, STIM Day 9: I went in early this morning for another ultrasound and more blood work.  The technician told me my endometrial lining was exactly where it needed to be. (Praise God and thank you for all your prayers!) I was also told that my follicles were “not quite ready” and I would likely stay on STIM medications a bit longer.  I received a call later that evening and the RN informed me to do another dose of my nightly STIM medications and come back early the next morning.

Day 71, STIM Day 10: I had another 7 am appointment of blood work and ultrasound.  I was told I had a few follicles that were ready and some that were “almost there.”  I was again told to continue with my STIM medications (Menopur, Follistim and Cetrotide).

Day 72, TRIGGER Day: Another early morning appointment of…. you guessed it…ultrasound and blood work.  (At this point I feel like I am a pro at shots. My body just looks like I’ve been in a few fights 😉 ) The technician told me that I have 3 follicles that are ready to go and 3 that will be ready by Friday.  I’m still unclear exactly how many follicles I have. I was originally told I had 3 on the right and 6 on the left, however at this last visit, it looked to me that I had 4 on both sides.  It is my understanding that follicles are what house the potential eggs, so, I assume the more you have, the better it is.  I also understand a woman my age may not have near as many as a woman in her 20’s.

I got a call later that evening and was told to go ahead and do my “trigger” shot at 9 pm.  For those of you that may not know, Trigger shots are administered exactly 36 hours prior to your “egg retrieval” process and are intended to “trigger” the eggs into the next process of preparation for reproduction.

The shot was administered intramuscular (in the buttocks) where as the STIM medications have all been administered subcutaneously (in the stomach). While I do have complete faith and trust in my husband, I must tell you, this shot gave me so much anxiety.  Bobby basically got his RN injection education via a 4 minute video over the internet.  Not sure about you, but I don’t like shots anyway, much less by someone who has never done one before!  Are you kidding me?!?! Well, I must say, my husband is a pro at intramuscular injections! That was the easiest shot I’ve taken to date!  Didn’t feel a thing!

The “trigger” shot also triggered a new emotion in me. It’s hard to put into exact words, but the shot almost signified the beginning of the process for me.  It’s almost like that feeling you get when you sit down to ride a new ride at an amusement park. The “trigger” shot felt as if I had just been buckled into the seat of the ride. We had already gone through all the agony of waiting in line, aka STIM shots, ultrasounds and blood work, to get to this point. We are now sitting there waiting with the anticipation and eagerness to begin the ride, knowing it’s going to be amazing, but also feeling the anxiety of the unknown of how the ride will effect you physically. There’s fear, there’s excitement, there’s anticipation, there’s hope and there’s premature preparation.

Today I am taking it easy at home in preparation for tomorrow’s egg retrieval procedure.  I plan to do nothing but watch some of my favorite movies and play several board games with my favorite little girl.

Bobby and I have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning for an 8 am procedure.  Like the rest of our journey, I’ve decided not to do too much research on this portion of the process so as not to cause too much additional anxiety.

I ask for all of those reading this, to please stand with us in prayer that all goes well tomorrow and that they are able to retrieve enough good and viable eggs for a successful conception.  Thank you all for taking this journey with us and being vested in our family.  We love you guys!

Lord, today I as I am experiencing a world of emotions, I ask that you continue to fill me with an overwhelming sense of calmness and security.  I know you are the only one who knows the outcome to this story and I pray that I continue to put my faith in you, rather than what the doctors can, or can’t, do.  You are the great physician! The one who can performs miracles great and small! Lord, I ask that you bless me and my family with a child. I pray that the egg retrieval process will go smoothly and the doctors will pull the right egg that you have planned for conception.  I pray knowledge and steady hands for all those that will come in contact with the eggs. I pray the sperm injection goes according to plan and that our baby is conceived over the next few days.  Thank you God for allowing us to go through this process so that this may be a testimony of your love and ability.  I ask all these things in Jesus name. Amen.

Today’s scripture….Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29.11.jpg


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