wait for Him…

Day 24…

Not much has happened, on the fertility front, since my last post.  Just a lot of pills and a lot more waiting around for my “friendly” monthly visitor (sorry for the personal information, but there’s just no nice way of getting around the facts. I tried to soften it to the best of my ability. Ha).

Today is considered DAY 1 of my treatment cycle. Tomorrow morning I will be going in for a “Baseline IVF” and “Fasting Lab” appointment. I’m not 100% sure what all this will entail, but as I understand it, I will have a baseline ultrasound as well as another round of blood work. During the ultrasound, they will look at ovary size and check for possible ovarian cysts (which I do have a history of, although, to my knowledge, they have not returned since my early 20’s). The blood work will look at estrogen levels and determine how well my body will respond to the upcoming daily injections.

Basically, the ball will officially begin rolling tomorrow! Yay!

While I am ecstatic to begin this next chapter in our lives, I can’t help but be a bit fearful. What if I’m too old? What if my cysts have returned? What if my endometriosis has returned? What if this is not God’s will for my life?

As I battle these thoughts, I ask you for your continued prayers. Help me pray for calm nerves, young and healthy ovaries and at least one egg that God deems appropriate for fertilization.

You guys are awesome! I love you and thank you.

Dear Lord, thank you for walking beside me and carrying me through this journey. Lord I’m believing that Bobby, the kids and I will experience a miracle and add a child to our family and I thank you already for blessing us with this precious miracle.  Lord, as my appointment approaches tomorrow, I ask you fill me with an overwhelming sense of calmness and security in knowing that You have got this and You are in control.  I ask that I pass all tests the doctors will administer tomorrow and we are able to move forward in the IVF process. I pray, Lord, that if the self injections begin tomorrow, you will give me a steady hand and courage to be able to quickly learn. Lord, I pray that you bless all those dealing with infertility issues and that you use their trials as an amazing testimony to your love and ability.  Amen.

Today’s scripture…Isaiah 30:18

Isaiah 30.18

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